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JCG-LauraLesliePhotography114Creating the gift registry is such a fun time for future newlyweds. The happy couple gets to pick and choose which items they need for their home, great entertaining pieces, or maybe even create a  dream honeymoon fund! The gift registry is all up to the couple based on their needs and interests. We recently spoke with Jessica Masi of JCG Events to discuss gift registries in a little more detail!

Creating a gift registry should always be a fun process. When you and your fiancee begin creating the registry, create a wish-list of items that you see yourself using alone as well as with your partner. It is important to keep a budget in mind during this experience to give your guests options, and to have an accurate take on the quantities requested. JCG Events also recommends creating the registry first in person, and then updating as you go online. It is much more preferable to see the items in person to give you and your fiancee a better idea of what you are requesting.


JCG Events recommends keeping your lifestyle as a couple in mind. If you and your fiancee love to entertain, include some timeless pieces to do just that in your registry! If you absolutely love outdoor activities, go ahead and add some camping equipment to the registry. “Don’t limit yourself to housewares…there are also a lot of website registries that give you flexibility to register for your honeymoons, first home, and other important funds.”

The wedding registry experience can begin soon after the engagement is announced. Jessica Masi mentions that starting the registry early gives family and friends the opportunity to use the registry for the engagement party and all the fun events leading up to the big day!

Thank you cards are an absolute must when receiving wedding and shower gifts. Jessica Masi recommends starting the thank you notes as soon as you begin receiving gifts. This way, you do not get overwhelmed with thank you cards after the wedding. Just go ahead and begin them as soon as a gift comes in. “I also recommend investing in a hand stamp with your return address for the envelopes.”

We hope you have a fantastic time choosing your dream wedding registry!



Images: Laura Leslie Photography

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