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Choosing the wedding cake is one of the most fun and exciting aspects of the wedding planning experience. Of course, the wedding style and decor should be all about the bride and groom as a couple, but it is so much fun to bring this personality into the wedding cake as well through favorite personal flavors and an incredible cake topper! We spoke with Chef Joshua Simpson of Twisted Fig to gain some insight on unique cake toppers for the couple who wants to bring their personalities into every aspect of the wedding!

When choosing a cake topper, the bride and groom should look for a topper that represents their personalities. If the couple is stylish and modern, it can very fun and helpful to speak with an artist who can create something specific if the baker is unable to create it.



Chef Joshua mentions that choosing the perfect topper is not always an easy task. “I always lean to something that will look great in pictures for years to come.” The topper can be a great focal point on the cake and stand out as a great element of wedding decor. “Adding a topper that is close to your hearts will stand out to you in every picture that you have of it.”

The topper can be as original and unique as you want! We asked Chef Joshua about his favorite wedding cake topper that Twisted Fig has created so far, and he replied, “The most unique wedding cake topper that we have created this year has to be the Bonnaroo arch…the bride and groom I believe met at Bonnaroo and wanted to incorporate their special day just before the event this year.” Such an awesome idea for music festival lovers!



You may be wondering how to preserve a special wedding cake topper. Chef Joshua mentions that there are many ways to do this. Some brides like to keep it simple and add the topper to a shelf in their home. “I prefer to place the topper under a glass dome that is sealed so that it keeps safe for many years to come.” We love this great, unique idea! Twisted Fig also mentions that letter shaped toppers can be in incorporated into an arrangement to place by a wedding photo; some of the more modern toppers can be added to the side of a frame that the wedding photo is placed in.


Brides and grooms love to keep their toppers a memento for years to come. “The process of finding a topper together, picking out and debating the one you love the most is a special time.” All of the memories from this moment come flooding back when a bride and groom see the topper on their beautiful wedding cake for the first time and afterwards through great preservation of the topper!



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