Groomswear 101


There are several pieces involved in the perfect groomswear look, so we reached out to groomswear experts, Street Tuxedo, for the 101 on groomswear essentials and great summer styles!

Of course, your groom wants to look his absolute best on the big day. These groomswear essentials will create the handsome, charming look that your groom is looking for. The items included in a groom’s overall look include the coat, pants, shirt, shoes, and accessories. The accessories can include a combination of the following items: a cummerbund, vest, suspenders, pocket square, bow tie, button studs, and cuff links in the shirt. The groom can choose these items based upon his personal style and flair to put his own touch on the look!


Street Tuxedo loves helping grooms look their absolute best for the wedding day. “The best thing he can do to help us is come in the store where he’s picking up his tuxes or suits and try everything on before he leaves.” Street Tuxedo has in-house alterations specialists that can make adjustments if something doesn’t fit perfectly. These fixes can usually be made in less than ten minutes! “We try to get them in and out in a timely manner so they can move on to their festivities.”

You may be wondering what some great styles would be for beautiful summer weddings. Brides love selecting Street Tuxedo’s Tan Moda Suit for outdoor weddings because it is light and breezy, and allows the groom to have a more laid-back look. Another popular choice for Summer weddings is the Heather Allure Tuxedo. The tux is a more modern fit and looks incredible next to bright colors used in Summer weddings!


Images | Nashville Photography Group | Frozen Exposure Photography 

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