Cinematic Inspiration

It’s a rainy Thursday, and you know what that means…..MOVIE TIME. If you’re in a planning rut for your big day, we suggest these top wedding moments to gather inspiration for a wedding to top all weddings! Sit back and enjoy the show

Love Actually

Who doesn’t want a choir singing a classic Beatles song while they walk down the aisle.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

This wedding was classic with a touch of grandeur. The perfect black tie fete.

Father Of The Bride

Forget that her dress is stuck in the 90s…this wedding had flowers galore!

The Vow

Be unique and get married in a museum like this couple did…minus the sneaking in illegally part.

Don’t judge us for this one, but The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Yes, this movie is cheesy, but that outdoor woodsy wedding is whimsical and breathtaking.

Mama Mia

A destination wedding in Greece…YES PLEASE!


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