Destination Wedding Hotspots

Are you brides planning a destination wedding and looking for the most beautiful locations? We spoke with Carlie Finch of 2 Travel Anywhere to discover some gorgeous locations for the perfect destination wedding! Each of the islands that 2 Travel Anywhere suggests are completely wonderful for different reasons.

The Bahamas have crystal clear oceans and white sandy beaches with a pretty short flight from the U.S! This makes The Bahamas a less difficult journey for your wedding guests to attend with great activities for all ages.


St. Lucia in Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous with so much to offer from stunning beaches, lush, green mountains, waterfalls, volcanos, mud baths, rainforest zip-lining, and hiking! This is the perfect destination for the couple who loves adventure. This island is also the least likely to affected by harsh weather, such as hurricanes.


Jamaica is one of the most affordable getaways for a couple looking for a gorgeous destination within their budget. Jamaica offers gorgeous beaches, zip-lining, waterfalls, swimming with dolphins, local shopping, and much more! Jamaica is a beautiful, fun-friendly island that all ages can also enjoy.


Turks and Caicos have been voted the world’s best beaches due to the breathtaking hues of the ocean and incredible snorkeling opportunities right off of the beach. These beaches have twelve miles of white powder sand to explore during a romantic walk! The waters of Turks and Caicos are completely crystal clear unlike any location in the U.S. This paradise is also a short, convenient flight from Florida!

Destination weddings are an incredible experience because they truly take a lot of stress away from wedding planning, and offer so much beauty from tropical paradise. Having an all-inclusive wedding with a great resort, such as Sandals and Beaches resorts, is such a great experience from the moment the couple arrives! 2 Travel Anywhere recommends booking a destination wedding resort as early as possible; even a year in advance is not uncommon! Destination weddings allow the bride and groom to visit and relax with friends and family in paradise, making this once in a lifetime experience enjoyable for everyone involved in the wedding.

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