The Art of Transformation

With today’s wedding guest list growing especially with out of town guests, brides are choosing to host their wedding and reception in the same location. But finding the perfect venue is a task that they rely on a professional planner to create and design through the art of transformation a beautiful wedding experience for themselves and their guests.



Recently, we met with wedding planner, Jessica Estrada of Jessica’s Events and asked her about the logistics of hosting a ceremony and reception at the same venue. Jessica’s keen eye for detail and strong belief in teamwork are what help her set the stage when seamlessly planning beautiful and elegant weddings in the same location.

When asked about the process of planning a wedding in one location, Jessica replied, “The perks of planning both ceremony and reception at the same venue are the comfort of having everything at one location. It is much easier to transition the guests from one room to another.” When planning a wedding it is very important to focus on the comfort of the guests when transiting them from one area to the next. You always have to make sure that the distance, the space, and logistics are carefully planned. This makes for very happy guests at your wedding.



“Communication truly is key when planning a gorgeous, flawless wedding ceremony and reception. It is essential that each detail is communicated and understood by all of those involved in the wedding planning process.” This includes the vendors, the couple, and the planner. Each member involved in designing and planning a wedding must understand the layout of the space being used through multiple meetings at the venue. This will allow the couple and the vendors to become comfortable with the space and know each detail about the venue before the wedding day. And most importantly, the couple will be able to engage and interact in the space, and begin to feel relaxed in a place that will mean so much to them for the rest of their lives.

When planning a ceremony and a reception at the same venue, there is a comfort of having all of the guests at one location. This makes transportation much simpler and keeps the comfort level of the guests very high. Even though the guests are not transported to another venue for the reception, logistics and time are still very carefully planned when transitioning the reception space. Jessica tells us how, “it is crucial to assure that all vendors are aware of the time needed to transition a ceremony space into a reception space, so they understand what tasks need to be completed in a certain amount of time. This will allow, the entire team to understand what must be done in order to create the most beautiful event possible.”



This past winter, Jessica planned a stunning romantic, vintage wedding for Stephanie and Abel Lera at Villa Woodbine. This elegant venue was the perfect location for Stephanie and Abel’s wedding and reception. The couple knew they wanted an elegant and romantic ceremony and reception and Villa Woodbine was the perfect backdrop for them to host their special day.

When setting the stage for Stephanie and Abel’s wedding and reception, Jessica decided to incorporate a cocktail hour while the space was being transitioned for the reception. This allowed a special time for guests to mingle and interact together while the reception space was turned into a dreamy, elegant masterpiece. The room was transformed into a vintage garden with laser-cut butterfly place cards dangling from a flower branch and hints of ivory, gold, and soft blush elements throughout the entire space enhanced the elegant romance of the room. Other décor details included a chandelier hanging from a beautiful oak tree and white columns draped with flowers.



With Jessica’s skillful planning, Stephanie recalled the entire evening as feeling magical from the romantic decor to the open-air ballroom underneath the stars. This wedding was a dream come true for Stephanie and Abel thanks to the flawless planning that went into the decorations, the florals, the utilization of the venue itself, and the transition from the ceremony to the reception.

When choosing a venue for your ceremony and reception, it is very important to consider the layout, style, and decor that exist in the venue. These elements must stylize accordingly with the style of wedding that is being planned. If not, the stunning vision in mind may not be realized in a venue that does not compliment this exact style. Because of this, each member of the wedding planning team must be aware of the details and styles that the couple wants to bring to life. With this level of communication, a dream wedding will turn out flawlessly and the planning process becomes very smooth and seamless.



So, if you are considering in having your wedding and reception in one location then go for it! With the guidance of a professional planner such as Jessica you can transform a venue into the perfect setting for your magical wedding day. It’s time to make your dream wedding vision into a reality that will leave your guests breathless at the end of the evening!

Written by Olivia Bricen
Contributing Writer Jessica Estrada of Jessica’s Events
Photography by Simply Captivating Photography


Venue | Villa Woodbine

Caterer | Bill Hansen

Earrings | twinkle twinkle

Macaroon favors | Jeanette and Co.

Cake | Ana Paz

Flowers | Natinel Flowers

DJ and uplighting | infinity sound

Chandelier | unearthed vintage

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