Delicious Dishes

We love gorgeous summer weddings for many reasons from the beautiful sunshine to the love and laughter being shared between the bride and groom and their cherished wedding guests. A great way to make these very special friends and family members feel appreciated at your beautiful wedding is to serve them delicious foods from a spectacular caterer. We recently spoke with Catering and Events by Suzette, and asked for some great dishes for summer weddings that your guests will love!


This wedding season, squash casserole has been extremely popular because it is a cheesy, hearty dish that incorporates a delicious vegetable! This is a great alternative to the common macaroni and cheese dish that is frequently served at weddings.

For summer weddings, Catering and Events by Suzette recommends fruity salads, crudo veggie displays, and grilled stone fruits for dessert.  “It’s just the perfect season to truly enjoy the real taste of these items as they are blooming.”



Catering and Events by Suzette also recommends staying away from dishes with poultry, such as eggs this wedding season. The cost of poultry is currently at its highest, but there are many other delicious, beautiful options to choose from for summer weddings, such as the dishes above! Serving fresh and delicious dishes at your wedding creates a memorable experience that your guests will talk about for years to come.



We wish you a beautiful wedding day from Enchanted Brides and Catering and Events by Suzette!

Mint Cheers

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