Creating the Guest List

When creating the wedding guest list, it is easy for brides to become overwhelmed. Maybe you don’t want to leave out your cousin’s new girlfriend or you just don’t know if you’re still close enough with your friends from high school to ask them to join you on one of the biggest days of your life. Creating the guest list can be stressful, but it is meant to be very fun! To help keep you brides a little more stress-free, we spoke with Julie Shreck from Simply You Weddings to gather some great guest list advice!



Simply You Weddings explains that venues, locations, and budgets will often limit the guest list from the very beginning. Simply You Weddings often tells their clients to begin with immediate family and closest friends, and then branch from there if necessary. Also, creating two lists can be very helpful! “It is best to create two lists to help prioritize and organize the guest list.”



You are most likely asking yourself if “plus-ones” are necessary. It is very important to pay attention to the overall budget when making this decision. Of course, the larger the group of guests, the more expensive the wedding will be. Keep your closest family members and friends at the heart of your guest list, but if you are able to budget in “plus-ones,” then your guests with special someones will  be very appreciative! “Overall, if the budget and venue will allow for extra people, it is courteous to invite the “plus-ones.”


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Also, it is important to think about your guests who have small children. It is absolutely contingent on the venue whether they allow children or not. Make sure to ask your venue if children are allowed, and then make a personal decision as a couple whether or not to allow children at the wedding. Of course, some locations are not really appropriate for children. “Regardless if children are coming to the event, it is always a good idea to provide activities and/or babysitters for your guests to consider.”


The best advice when it comes to guest lists is to not overthink it! This is a very fun part of wedding planning! Your friends and family will be surrounding you on the special day to help make the event amazing, personal, and unforgettable!

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