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The time has come to book the perfect venue for your dream wedding! There are many details involved in choosing the venue that suits your wedding style, so we spoke with Kellie Bryson of Legacy Farms to gain some insight for all of you brides searching for the best place to say “I do!”


 First, when you ask yourself when you should book your venue, think about your wedding size. Legacy Farms works with brides that have different size guests list. But lately they have noticed that brides look further in advance when planning larger weddings. Large weddings, such as 500 guests or more, are generally larger productions with more details. This requires more time to implement, but with the right help of an event planner, this can all happen in a shorter amount of time.


Legacy Farms finds that their brides book about 12-18 months in advance for prime dates of Spring and Fall. However, if the couple is willing to be more flexible with dates, 6-9 month plans are common as well.

 Think about the style and size of your wedding as well as the time of year that you want your wedding to take place. Knowing the style of wedding that you want is very important when choosing a venue. For example, a very modern venue should not be used if a Southern plantation is the preferred style.Also, it is important to keep in mind that an outdoor venue should not be booked if outdoor elements are not desirable.


A key component in booking a wedding venue is understanding and sharing your budget with the venue. “Knowing the budget is so important – knowing the most important details for the couple and keeping those mindful.” By sharing your budget with the venue team, you will be led in the most positive direction possible.For example, if the venue is told that photography is the most important aspect to you and your partner, then they will know everything else falls underneath that detail.


Each couple that Legacy Farms works with has a priority that is higher on the list than other components. Identifying that item and keeping it in mind during the budgeting process helps keep the wedding plans unique and personal.


Having the ceremony and reception in the same venue has become increasingly popular due to the convenience for you and your partner as well as wedding guests. This eliminates worries about transportation as well as waiting times for guests to arrive. Having the ceremony and reception in the same venue is also much more cost-efficient than renting two separate locations!


If you decide to go this route, Legacy Farms suggests that all details are written as well as understood for the switch from ceremony to reception to go as smoothly as possible. By writing down the details of the plan, vendors and everyone else involved in the transition will have a clear understanding of the plan.


 Go ahead and make sure the venue you have in mind can offer what you are looking for by asking questions. If not, see if adjustments can be made through clear communication. Knowing the facts up front is key to a good venue-client relationship from clearly communicated policies to understanding the budget. Communication is always key when wedding planning!

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