Is A Flower Crown Right For You?

When browsing through different types of wedding looks and accessories, you most likely have stumbled upon different types of flower crowns. From their organic elegance to stylish beauty, flower crowns have made their way into many modern weddings for several reasons. We spoke with Sue and Tammy from Flower Solutions to gain some more insight about flower crowns and why modern brides are choosing to wear these gorgeous pieces for the big day!



First, flower crowns are becoming more popular because they compliment the current loosely gathered natural bouquet style. Throughout the past few years, the bouquet style was rounded with no greenery. Today, the bouquet look is much more natural as if it was gathered from a garden with the florals themselves, greenery, and different textures. Flower crowns look so beautiful with this type of bouquet. Also, many brides are choosing to wear hair accessories instead of veils in modern weddings. Flower crowns are a gorgeous hair accessory for the bride who is choosing to stay away from the traditional veil.

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When choosing what style of flower crown that you want to wear, it is important to measure your head and know which hairstyle you want to wear on your wedding day. From here, your florist can help guide you to the perfect florals that will create a stunning flower crown that looks beautiful with your chosen hairstyle. Flower Solutions mentions that the crown should be lightweight in actual weight and should not look heavy on the bride’s head.


Flower Solutions loves using dainty flowers like spray roses of dendrobium orchids for flower crowns. There has also been a revival of baby’s breath that is being seen more and more in today’s weddings.


Flower Solutions loves creating flower crowns because they were almost becoming a lost art. Thankfully, flower crowns are being seen more and more in today’s weddings, and look absolutely stunning. Flower Solutions loves creating crowns that compliment the overall style of the bride but do not take over her stunning wedding day look.


If you are a bride who wants a dainty, organic wedding look, then a stunning flower crown would be the perfect wedding accessory for you!



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