You’ve Picked Out Your Honeymoon Destination…Now What?


Whether you’re going to a tropical destination, or the Swiss Alps for your
honeymoon, there is nothing worse then packing the wrong attire or packing
unnecessary items.

Your honeymoon is a time to unwind after the wedding and you want to have
the comforts of home without bringing your whole closet.

Investing in a lightweight suitcase can make or break your trip, and if
your going on a European vacation consider packing in one backpack. Buy a
good ultralight suitcase that has good compartments made for easy packing.
Backpacks are easy to tote and allow you to really think out what you are
bringing with you. Think of all the adventures you can have overseas with
your perfectly packed bag. A word for the wise…DO NOT pack in a duffle
bag. Your shoulders will thank you later!


Think about packing a week in advance so you aren’t getting ready in a rush
with all the wedding craziness. This is one thing that can’t be stressed
enough…LABEL, LABEL, LABEL your suitcase, inside and out. Now that we’ve
got what your packing in covered…lets talk about what you will be


Unless you plan on bringing an iron on your trip, or relying on your hotel
to provide one, think about packing things that don’t wrinkle. Think
flouncy dresses, breathable fabrics, and leave the linen pants at home.
While you may be where the sun is always shining, bringing lightweight
sweaters and scarves can be the difference between enjoying a candlelit
dinner outside, or chattering teeth in between bites.

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Colder Destinations:

If you don’t have the room to pack heavy winter coats, layering will be
your new best friend. Think fun sweaters over dresses, and pants with
boots. Layer up and enjoy the scenery without making your skin your new
“something blue”.


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