Refreshing and Delicious Signature Cocktails

Serving refreshing, delicious signature cocktails at your warm Spring or Summer wedding is the perfect way to help your guests relax and have some fun on your big day. You may know you want to serve a fresh, invigorating cocktail to your closest friends and family members, but may not know where to begin on your search for the perfect drink. We recently spoke with Kortni Epperson of RED Spirits & Wine to find out which types of cocktails are the most light and exhilarating on a warm day.


RED Spirits & Wine loves incorporating herbs into their cocktails. Not only do herbs make the flavor taste incredible, cocktails with herbs looks beautiful! Cocktails containing mint are a great idea for Spring and Summer weddings due to the light and refreshing taste that the mint brings. Mint Juleps are always a classic! Also, RED Spirits & Wine have seen a lot of Ginger Beer incorporated into wedding cocktails this year!

RED spirits & Wine loves these two cocktails below with Thyme to keep your guests satisfied and refreshed:

– 1 oz. St. Germaine

– 1 oz. Gin (Hendricks)

– Top with Prosecoo

Garnish with Mint


– Haymon’s Old tom Gin

– Dolin Dry

– Lemon Simple Syrup

– Thyme Simple Syrup

– Garnish with a Thyme Sprig

“We always love that one-on-one connection with our clients to help with anything bar related, especially signature drinks!” RED Spirits & Wine suggests serving “his and hers” signature drinks, and to be creative by coming up with your own names for the drinks! A welcome drink is another great idea to have that fun, styled detail when serving signature cocktails. Welcome drinks are given to guests before they are seated for the ceremony.


Signature cocktails bring the personalities and styles of the couple into the wedding. When deciding which signature drinks to serve at your wedding, consider your own personal favorite drinks and flavors. Serving a drink that you love will make the cocktails meaningful by showing your guests another side of your personality. It is always best to bring yourself into the components of your wedding to show off who you truly are! RED Spirits & Wine loves creating signature drinks and coming up with new recipes for brides and grooms according to their preferred liquor. This way, the drinks are specialized and custom to your taste preference!


Mint Cheers

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