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When you begin planning your dream wedding, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by all of the details involved in the process. This is why the professionals are here to help you! One essential aspect of wedding planning is invitation etiquette. We spoke with Ernesto Leston of Invitations by Leston to gather some important timeframes that you will need to be aware of when sending save-the-dates, formal invitations, and having your final guest list set in stone!

Sending save-the-dates is the first step of announcing your wedding date to your friends and family. A save-the-date is a pre-invitation that announces your wedding date. These are mailed to your potential guests to also let them know they have been invited to join you and your new partner in your testimony of love! You may ask yourself if save-the-dates are necessary. This is completely up to you, but the save-the-dates are a great way to announce your wedding date, and to let your friends and family know that you would love for them to attend your wedding. Sending save-the-dates also helps your friends and family have enough time to plan accordingly for the wedding, especially if they live out of town or need to take off time from work in advance!


If you are having a destination wedding, Invitations by Leston suggests that save-the-dates are a must. This way, your guests can plan ahead for this “mini-vacation” with plenty of time to prepare. Also, if your wedding date falls closely to any holidays, you want to make sure your guests have enough time to plan accordingly for the wedding. Overall, save-the-dates are a great idea to keep everyone in the loop! You may be asking when you should send your save-the-dates. Invitations by Leston suggests they are sent six months to a year before the wedding.


Now, the wedding date is getting closer and closer and the appropriate time comes to send formal invitations. An appropriate time to send the formal invitations is six to eight weeks before the wedding. Make sure to ask guests to RSVP so that you can get a final head count of your guest list for the big day!


The RSVP’S are starting to come in, and you just can’t handle the excitement! You can finally get a true idea of how many of your loved ones will be sharing such a wonderful moment with you and your new partner. By following these wedding invitation guidelines from Invitations by Leston, your invitation worries will disappear! We just know your wedding day will be fabulous and beautiful!




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