Outdoor Wedding Fun


There is something extra fun and exciting about an outdoor wedding in the Spring. The smell of fresh air, the sun shining bright, and the natural scenery that surrounds you and your loved ones creates the perfect atmosphere to say “I do!” We spoke with Ace Photography and gained some great insight about the advantages of outdoor weddings! Outdoor weddings tend to be very relaxed. Also, the decor doesn’t always have to be elaborate, because the beautiful natural scenery becomes part of the decor. Because of this, outdoor weddings are perfect for the bride who wants a vintage, elegant country, or bohemian wedding style. It is much easier to create these looks and styles at an outdoor setting due to the relaxed feel and natural scenery.

Ace Photography suggests booking an all-inclusive venue or hiring a wedding planner when planning an outdoor wedding. There are many wonderful details that can be added to outdoor weddings to make them special that a wedding planner can make you aware of, such as fun, comfortable lounge furniture or dainty string lights. Wedding planners will help you personalize your wedding with your favorite colors, themes, and designs that you love! So if you love the freshness of an outdoor Spring wedding then it’s time to start designing your  Spring wedding. Ace Photography says, “Most of all, have fun planning your wedding!”












Images provided by: Ace Photography

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