Planning for Paradise

When planning a tropical destination wedding, it is important to stay informed about the process that will take place to make your wedding dream become a reality. We spoke with wedding photographer, Joe D’Alessandro, from Marry Me Maui, to gain some insight about preparation for the perfect tropical destination wedding.


Your wedding day shouldn’t be stressful, but not being close to home can make for more planning. This may call for some prioritizing, but go ahead and have an idea of which services you would like, and how much these services cost, such as live music or in-room hair styling. Here are some destination wedding essentials to make a priority: find a wedding planner in the area, research the makeup and hair services at your destination, decide whether or not to fly-in live music or hire local, research transportation for out of town guests, and plan out how you are going to ensure that your wedding necessities are at your destination. It is important to remember that you will not be at home on this day, and you must bring your wedding necessities, such as the dress, shoes, and accessories with you to your destination. Your wedding planner can help you with all of these tasks, and make sure the big day is as special as possible!


It is important to realize that some of your invited guests may not be able to attend your tropical destination wedding due to work schedules or personal constraints. Because of this, make sure to send out invitations with as much notice as possible. If you are planning on sending save the dates, send them out one year in advance. When sending the formal invitations, send them out eight weeks to twelve weeks from the RSVP date. If you aren’t planning on doing save the dates, send out the formal invitations fourteen weeks from your wedding date. Some guests may want to use vacation time for the wedding, or may need to start setting money aside as early as possible, so it is important to give them this amount of time to plan accordingly. Because some of your loved ones may not be able to attend your destination wedding, Marry Me Maui believes it is a good idea to plan a party or reception with these guests when you return home. This is a great idea, because the guests that are not able to attend the wedding can still be involved in this beautiful new adventure of love between you and your partner.


At a tropical destination wedding, the ceremony and reception will most likely take place outdoors. Since Maui is known for its exquisite weather and beautiful views, there are many outdoor venues to choose from, from gorgeous beaches to private estates. Maui is a very popular destination wedding hotspot due to the gorgeous sunshine and infrequent passing showers. Joe from Marry Me Maui says, “The resort beaches all face west for stunning sunsets and the island has a slow pace and friendly people.” Also, there are a lot of options for accommodations such as five star resorts, timeshares, condo rentals, bed and breakfasts, and private home rentals. Because of this, Mary Me Maui believes there is something for everyone in Maui, making it a perfect location for a destination wedding. We hope you have a fabulous and relaxing destination wedding!





Images provided by | Joe D’Alessandro Photography

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