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When thinking of the makeup look that you want on your wedding day, you should imagine what your photographs will look like while your children and grandchildren are flipping through your photo albums. Professional make-up artist and hairstylist, Alina Karaman, explained to us that wedding makeup should be timeless and classic. Rather than focusing on the current trends in makeup, it is important to choose a fresh and elegant look that helps show off the natural beauty of the bride. It is best to stay away from bright eye colors such as green, hot pink, blue, or bright purple as well as lots of glitter. The colors that are used should be natural and gorgeous! Contouring, the enhancement of facial features through makeup, is a makeup trend that looks great in photographs. However, try to stay away from over-contouring your face for your wedding look, because this could be distracting in person as well as your wedding photographs. Classic looks look much better and cleaner on a beautiful bride.

A very important guideline to consider when deciding your makeup look is to steer away from a night-time, smokey-eye look. This look does not blend well with the elements of a wedding. In a gorgeous wedding gown and veil, makeup should not be the main focus of the look, but should enhance the natural beauty of the blushing bride! The bride herself should be the focus when coming down the aisle, not her makeup. Some brides are used to wearing heavy makeup, but it is suggested to tone this down on your wedding day, and let your look enhance your natural, gorgeous features.

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Images by: Nat Wongsaroj Photograpy | Jennifer Morris Photography | Photojournalism by Rodney Bailey

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