The First Planning To-Do’s

Congratulations! You’re engaged. You can’t keep your eyes off that gorgeous new diamond on your finger, but you know the planning process is coming in full storm! Yes, planning your dream wedding will always be a stressful task, but have fun with it! The professionals are there to help you bring your vision to life just the way you want it. So, take a deep breath and get inspired by this outline of your first planning tasks.


1. Go ahead and begin thinking of a good time to have your wedding. Get out your calendar and look at important events that you might have coming up such as holidays, other weddings, or family events. You don’t want to choose your wedding date and realize there is a conflict later. Yikes!


2. As cheesy as it sounds, begin fantasizing your dream wedding. What colors do you love, what style of wedding do you think you want – rustic chic, glamorous, vintage, shabby-chic, elegant? Bring your own personality into your wedding.  It is important not to just follow what you think is trending right now, but to have a wedding that feels like YOU!  Also, go ahead and pick a location. Do you want a destination wedding, a hometown wedding, or do you want to go to another location that is special to you?


3. One of the first tasks that you must cross off your list is the budget. Speak with family members to gain specifics about the amount of money that will be used towards certain elements of your wedding. It is essential to know how much help you will get before you confirm caterers and florists.


4. Come up with an idea of your guest list. Do you want a huge celebration or an intimate gathering of your closest loved ones? Keep in mind that the larger your wedding is, the more the cost.


5. Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen. This is such an exciting time to show your best friends how much they mean to you! Lots of future brides get unnecessary anxiety about this. Don’t! Think of your closest gals and give them the honor of standing by your side on the special day! Make sure to be organized and keep your bridal party in the loop with important dates and plans.


6. Book a venue and set the date! This is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning!

7. Hire a wedding planner. This will take so much stress away from the couple, and the planner will invest their time and energy into your perfect day!


8. Say yes to the dress! Think about the time of year that you are having your wedding. If your wedding is in a warmer month, choose a dress with a lighter fabric that won’t make you too warm. Choose a thicker fabric if your wedding will be in a colder month, and always keep faux fur in mind to keep you warm! Become educated on necklines and silhouettes that you are interested in before you begin trying on an endless amount of dresses. This will save you lots of time and mental energy.

Have fun planning with these essential planning to do’s!  

Images: Liberty Party Rental

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