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When choosing bridesmaid dresses for your Nashville or Miami wedding, it is extremely important to keep your bridesmaids’ styles, body types, complexions, and levels of comfort in mind. Your bridesmaids want to feel gorgeous and special during this event, so try your best to help them look and feel beautiful! If you follow these tips when choosing bridesmaid dresses, your bridesmaids might just love you even more!

The number one tip here when choosing bridesmaid dresses is to choose a pretty and flattering style. Do not choose a color or style that you find unattractive, and ask yourself, “Would I want to wear this dress?” If you think the dress is pretty enough to wear, then your bridesmaids most likely will as well.


Bridesmaid dresses should compliment the wedding gown nicely, but should not match the gown too much. This way, the bridesmaids won’t look just like the bride, but there will be a nice mix of colors and styles.

Keep your bridesmaids comfortable by considering styles and cuts that tend to flatter all body types, such as an empire waist gown. These styles are known to look great on just about any body type. This way, everyone is happy and feeling pretty!


However, if you don’t want all of your bridesmaids to be in the same dress with the same style, go ahead and mix it up! This trend is very common for a reason! The bride should want her bridal party to feel stunning standing next to her. Go ahead and choose the color of dress that you want, and let each bridesmaid choose her own style of dress to wear!  When the bridesmaid dresses fit each bridesmaid appropriately and look flattering and beautiful, the bridal party will truly look its best! Also, everyone is happy this way. I personally love the way this looks!


Trust me, your bridesmaids will be ever-so-grateful if you follow these tips!

Pictured bridesmaid dresses from: Geny’s Flowers and Bridal

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