Spring & Summer Hairstyles

alina1   Now that Spring is finally upon us, temperatures are rising across the nation. This can only mean one thing: it is Spring wedding season! Since most Spring weddings are held outdoors, it is important for the bride to consider what type of hairstyle will make her feel most comfortable and help her look her best while walking down the aisle. I spoke with Alina Karaman, top makeup artist and hair-stylist from Washington, DC to discover the top Spring and Summer wedding hairstyles for 2015. The most common trend Alina sees is the romantic, loose updo. This trend has been very popular for quite a while now for a reason! This style is very simple but also elegant and classy; it also looks great on every bride with every style of gown. This style will keep the bride feeling cool and fresh at her outdoor wedding. Alina mentions that hair should be an accessory and not take attention away from the wedding gown. Therefore, a loose updo is the perfect route to take when choosing a Spring or Summer wedding hairstyle. For dresses with sleeves and/or detailing on the back, updos are the best option. If the bride truly wants her hair down in this type of gown, go ahead and pin it to the side so the detailing can still be seen. This is also important for photographs. The gorgeous detailing on the backs of gowns needs to be captured in photographs, and this can not happen if all of the hair is covering the details.


Alina mentions that detailing looks incredible on lighter hair, such as beautiful braiding, twists, and beautifully placed curls and waves. Darker hair needs to be kept more simple with less detailing, because the camera will not pick up these details quite as well as it would on lighter hair. When the bride chooses to keep hair down, this look tends to be casual, but still beautiful. Alina suggests extensions for hair that is staying down. Extensions add volume and length, and look incredible on everyone!


In modern weddings, some brides are choosing to skip the veil, but are still choosing to wear hair accessories that are not too overwhelming, such as the one below!


Enjoy these fabulous and inspiring Spring and Summer wedding hairstyles all from Alina Karaman! All of you 2015 brides will be stunning!






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