The Pros and Cons of Pinterest


One of the top wedding planners, Jessica and Michael Masi of JCG Events Miami, explain the pros and cons of Pinterest in today’s wedding planning world. As top Miami wedding planners, Jessica and Michael use a lot of technology that has entered today’s world. This really helps them communicate with clients as well as vendors and wedding guests. They love well-designed wedding website templates, floor plan software, and detailed management programs to help them plan all of their events! Jessica and Michael mention one technological medium that has truly changed the way wedding planners and future newlyweds exchange ideas: Pinterest. Pinterest is an incredible outlet for communication, because photo sharing can happen with the click of a mouse, and viewing the planner’s and vendors’ ideas through becomes very simple for an engaged couple.

However, Jessica and Michael believe Pinterest can cause a loss of creativity in the wedding planning process. Technology can be draining, and viewing thousands of photos and ideas on Pinterest can get overwhelming. Jessica and Michael explain that some of their most creative planning moments have occurred when taking a break from Pinterest. They planned a modern art gallery wedding and came up with a genius, creative idea for the seating chart. Jessica and Michael printed some of their favorite pieces from the gallery and created gallery tags with information about the artwork as well as the guests’ names who would be seated at that table! The corresponding artwork was placed in small frames at each table! This idea is perfect for all art lovers, and truly original. Also, some Pinterest ideas create amazing photos but are not practical for large weddings, such as DIY invitations. These are very time consuming and not easy on the budget. It is important to weigh in practicality when getting ideas from Pinterest!


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Jessica and Michael love all elements of wedding planning, and truly love what they do. They think Pinterest is a great way to communicate when wedding planning, and love how simple it is to track down an idea that you really like. Pinterest boards have a lot of potential for organization of ideas, and all sources are accessed with a simple click; they are also never deleted! For more on The Pros and Cons of Pinterest from JCG Events, take a peek into Enchanted Brides Magazine on newsstands now!

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