Top Nashville Cake Flavors


The most delicious part of planning your wedding has finally come: deciding what cake flavor(s) you will serve your guests at your Spring and Summer weddings. We have gathered the top cake flavors for 2015 Nashville Weddings thanks to Twisted FigDessert Designs by LelandSignature Cakes by Vicki, and Frosted Affair!

How delicious does a Lemon Chiffon Cake with blackberry buttercream icing sound, or an Almond Chiffon cake with pineapple buttercream from Twisted Fig? For the sweet and salty lovers, another top flavor is chocolate chiffon with salted caramel buttercream frosting. YUM!

Nashville Brides have been choosing multiple flavors for cakes! Brides may choose one flavor for each tier, or combine flavors in a single tier, such as Chocolate Truffle and Sour Cream Pound Cake with caramel filling from Dessert Designs by Leland!Let that sink in for just a moment…delicious! Leland also mentions a new S’mores flavor with Hershey bars and graham crackers with marshmallow frosting that is even “fire roasted” with a blow torch for all the S’mores lovers out there! This one is sure to be a hit!

Top cake flavors at Frosted Affair include their very popular and delicious Strawberry Cake made with white cake and fresh, delicious strawberries mixed into the batter as well as the vanilla buttercream icing layered between each tier! Other popular flavors from Frosted Affair include the traditional Almond Cake with almond buttercream and the Devil’s Food Cake with chocolate chip cheesecake baked inside chocolate cake! This cake is topped with chocolate buttercream for those chocolate-loving Brides!



In January, Signature Cakes by Vicki introduced the incredible Cannoli Cake! This secret recipe was created by Vicki herself and has been a huge hit for Nashville weddings. Vicki’s cakes are based upon quality of ingredients and flavors. She truly wants you Nashville Brides to be blown away by her delicious creations. Other top Signature Cakes by Vicki include her Strawberry Cake made with fresh strawberries, Caramel Butterscotch, Key West Margaritaville, and Chef Penelop’s favorite, the very moist Banana Nut Cream! Vicki encourages Nashville Brides to take risks and serve different flavored tiers, or even compatible flavors in the same tier! This way, guests will enjoy multiple, delicious flavors that they would have otherwise missed out on.

When serving a four-tier cake, Vicki suggests serving the most traditional or neutral flavor on the bottom tier, such as almond, or your traditional white wedding cake. On the third tier, be a little more daring with a fun cake flavor that is still neutral such as the Cannoli Cake or the Caramel Butterscotch. The second tier is where the exciting and fun flavor should be, such as the Key West Margaritaville! This flavor is rich and tart, and is a very popular small cake; this one is perfect for the second tier! And of course, the top tier will match the bottom tier flavor. Also, Vicki says to not be steered away from Fondant! Signature cakes by Vicki serves high quality Fondant that tastes like Oreo Creme! Delicious! Layer buttercream icing under the fondant and your Wedding cake will be a delicious and artistic masterpiece! Hungry yet?








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