Your Lucky Day

The luckiest day of the year is upon us, St. Patrick’s Day! You don’t have to be Irish for St. Patrick’s Day to be your favorite holiday! In fact, some future newlyweds love the lucky, green holiday so much that they decide to celebrate with a #stpatricksdaywedding! It doesn’t get much luckier than that! Today’s Photo Find Friday brings you some fun and festive #stpatricksdayweddings! If green is your favorite color, check out these incredible ideas. I adore the green and yellow floral wedding cake and the Guinness shooters with a clover garnish! How perfect is the groom’s green and white striped tie and the beautiful bride’s emerald engagement ring? There are so many options for an exciting and unique #stpatricksdaywedding from green cocktails, florals, linens, bridesmaids dresses, and even shoes!  Whether you cherish your Irish heritage or love everything about St. Patrick’s Day, a #stpatricksdaywedding would be perfect for the lucky bride-to-be! 


stpatricksdaywedding5 - alldayyourdayproductions


stpatricks2 - marryandtuxbridal


stpatrickswedding4 - adorabridalboutique


stpatricks1 - marryandtuxbridal


stpatricks3 - europeanflowershop


We wish you a lucky and fabulous St. Patrick’s  Day from Enchanted Brides Magazine!

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