Miami Styles & Trends

Miami Brides, are you ready to see the hottest South Florida wedding trends and styles for 2015? We spoke with Lorena Lugo from Contempo Linens and gathered some beautiful ideas for your gorgeous modern Miami weddings! Miami has a huge advantage when it comes to wedding planning: location! The beautiful natural scenery of Miami is unmatched! Some Miami brides may want to keep the decor low-key, and enhance the natural scenery of the gorgeous blue ocean, tropical palm trees, and sandy beaches that will surround her beautiful event. Many Miami brides use classic toned linens of neutral ivories and champagnes. This creates a very soft and natural feel whether the wedding is on a gorgeous beach or inside a beautiful Miami venue. Touches of soft corals can be added throughout the wedding, such as soft coral napkins to enhance the romance. A pop of sparkle is being seen at today’s Miami weddings such as sequined tablecloths or cake tables. Sequin accents with romantic color schemes and linens will make you feel like you are in your own Miami fairytale! The rustic glam and shabby chic trends remain popular for 2015 Miami weddings. Burlap and lace elements are the most popular rustic and shabby chic trends that we are seeing in modern Miami weddings. This trend has been extremely popular for the last year or so, and does not seem to be going out style any time soon! These trends come to life in the beautiful inspiration below from Contempo Linens.

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I adore these Miami wedding trends for 2015! Soft romance is the theme that comes to mind when viewing these inspirational Miami weddings. I adore the sequin tablecloths that bring an extra pop of glamour to the soft and neutral color schemes. These Miami trends are stunning and elegant! We wish you all the best here at Enchanted Brides, and know your romantic Miami weddings will be breathtaking.

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