Stand By My Side

Brides, are you searching for the perfect way to ask your closest friends and relatives to stand by your side at your beautiful Nashville or Miami wedding? For the not-so-crafty brides out there, this can seem difficult and stressful. You want to ask your bridesmaids to share one of the most magical days of your life with you, so you want to make sure they feel extra special and cherished! Today’s photo find Friday is all about the #bridesmaids. There are lots of different ways to ask your future bridesmaids to be in your wedding, including gifts! This event should be personalized, so begin thinking of the times when you and your closest gals became inseparable, and what made this special relationship spark. Think of your friends’ interests, and maybe include them in your special question. If your best friends love jewelry, you could customize a piece that they will always cherish. This way, it feels like you are the one proposing! How cute would a necklace with an engraved diamond be? Monogrammed items are always a fantastic idea. This could include clothing, loungewear, tumblers, notebooks, you name it! How sweet would a silky monogrammed robe be in your bridesmaids’ favorite colors? The options are unlimited here, but the most important part is to show your gals how special they truly are by asking them to be your bridesmaids. Sharing this special day with your favorite girls  will make them feel loved and appreciated, which is what truly matters!


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bridesmaid4 - natalija_the_label


bridesmaid5 - bridesmaidsandbubbly




bridsemaid3 - handmadedesigns


Show your bridesmaids how much you love them with inspiring gifts like these! I adore the silver customized “bridesmaid” necklace.  If you Nashville or Miami brides decide to go this route, you could also customize bracelets or earrings for your beloved bridesmaids. Simple gifts of love make all girls’ hearts flutter. Your bridesmaids can’t wait to stand beside you while your fairytale becomes a reality!

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