Presentation Guide for Every Bride

A truly magnificent wedding invokes a warm memory in each guest that could never be forgotten. This begins with beautiful styling and display. Jim Hagy of Chefʼs Market shared with us some of his styling and presentation concepts. Perhaps you have finally found the perfect color scheme, decor, and foods that you can’t wait to present to your cherished guests, but how will you bring all of this together for your special day? There are several rules to follow when styling your wedding. Brides, if you follow these guidelines, your guests will be in awe of the beautiful design you have created. linelongFirst, there must be repetition and unity in your spread. If your chocolate covered strawberries are randomly assorted, guests will not be aesthetically pleased.


Next, a contrast of colors and elements will bring positive attention to your food, especially when these elements are presented symmetrically or asymmetrically. This creates unity and balance. Although the mixing of elements is intriguing, remember to use repetition with fewer elements to create an elegant and cohesive style.


A focal point on your food display, such as an art piece or flower arrangement, creates an emphasis onto the spread. Be sure that the size of objects on the spread are proportionate. For example, you would not like your focal point to be so overwhelming, or underwhelming, that it distracts guests from your delicious food.


These guidelines serve as a wonderful styling guide for brides, and can be applied to any theme from shabby chic to pure elegance, and everything in-between! If you follow these principles, your presentation will be truly unforgettable. Have fun styling! And donʼt forget to pick the latest copy of Enchanted Brides on newsstands now to read more on Styling & Presentation by Jim Hagy of Chefʼs Market.

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