Galia Lahav & Tales of the Jazz Age

“In a time in which feminine rhythm prevails, ‘Tales of the Jazz Age’ illustrates a world larger than the one we know”
About Galia Lahav

The fashion house Galia Lahav defines a new era of elite fashion for women through evening and bridal gowns. Galia Lahav is a world-renowned designer with over 30 years of establishment in haute couture dresses.Galia was born in Russia into a family of seamstresses. From a young age she has had a strong passion for sewing and designing. Through many years of teaching art she developed the desire to turn her artwork into fashion and soon after created her brand. As she began in the bridal industry creating custom made wedding gowns for brides she quickly became a sensation in Israel. As her brand grew, so did her name worldwide leading her to being a well recognized designer who is loved and adored by her brides. Whether it is her delicate embroidery, dramatic dress trains, or fine beaded fabric details, each piece exudes art characteristics from all mediums. Each gown is a masterpiece and is strongly influenced by her history as an artist.

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About Galia’s “Tale of the Jazz Age” Collection

In a time where feminine rhythm prevails, our new collection illustrates a world larger than the one we know. In the 1920’s, women venture outside of traditional norms and adopt a new eclectic fashion. This is a unique historical period in which gowns become a visual celebration of political reform. The roaring 1920’s portrays a notion of abundance and liberation from earlier restrictions.

This collection consists of new bridal trends taking on lavish lace and luxurious embellishments. In pursuing her vision, Galia indulges in new elegant and daring designs, recreating the glorious style of this time period. With musical inspirations giving light to the new age of Jazz, Charleston, and the speakeasy night scene, the collection is a glimpse of its radiating culture. Through a variety of new patterns, Galia gives you past, present and future as she includes intricate hand beaded fabrics, divine pearls, ivory lace and glistening crystals.

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 Want to see more of Galia’s work? Head over to her website! You can also check out one of her pieces on Ms. Meghan Trainor who wore Galia’s creation at the 2015 Grammy’s!

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