Engagement Bliss


Are you one of the lucky ladies who got engaged over the holiday (don’t worry… you still have New Years for your man to pop the question)? Are you wondering… where do I even start? No fear! Here is some advice on some of the first steps to take once you are engaged.

First and foremost, spread the news! Call up your family (if they aren’t already there the moment it happens), your closest friends, the people who mean the most to you. Although social media is a fun tool to share things, an important life moment such as this should be told vocally to those you love most. It’s a big deal people! Once your inner circle is aware of your new sparkler, that’s when you can share on social media. There are various cute ways to announce your engagement and no way is wrong!


The next step is to get organized! You are soon going to be flooded with various information whether from your own research or friends/family sharing different tidbits with you. Make sure you have a system where everything wedding related will go whether a binder, notebook, or a drawer in your desk. Deciding to get organized right away will make life much easier down the road!

The final first step is to talk budget and start saving! The sooner you have this talk with your groom-to-be, the better. Budget can get tricky if you wait to talk about it down the road when you start meeting with vendors. If you outline your budget at the beginning, you can really make smart decisions in vendors. Set your budget to be what you have, not what you want to spend. Make sure to also talk with both sets of parents in terms of their contributions- go at it with a grateful heart!

And of course, pick up an issue of Enchanted Brides with all sorts of wedding information and inspiration from all the fabulous vendors in Nashville and South Florida!

Enjoy that engagement glow! 


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