The Gift of Giving

Gift Registry1

With the holidays now in full swing, I found it a good time to talk about something many brides and grooms don’t even really think about… the Wedding Registry! Buying gifts is a difficult task in itself but to now pick out things you and your hubby want to begin your life together OR to shop for an upcoming holiday couple’s wedding seems a lot worse then sipping on a cup of hot chocolate.

If YOU are Registering…

If it is your upcoming wedding, take an hour to sit down with your fiancé and really discuss what you all need more than what you want. Although I am always for a waffle maker… is it really something you want a guest to buy you if you’ll never actually use it? Also, take inventory with your fiancé about the big purchase items you might already have. An avid baker probably has the Kitchenaid Mixer already broken in and maybe you two aren’t the entertaining type and so sets of china don’t make sense. Think about what you both need. I also love the idea that if you really have everything you need, make the option for giving something towards your Honeymoon. A lot of times, you can set up accounts with where you are staying for your Honeymoon so guests can buy excursions or meals. How creative and fun is that? That way, they contribute to your memories. A gift that is equally important.

If YOU are Shopping a Registry…

Of course, make sure to check where the couple is registered and first and foremost get them something off of there that you feel like contributing or that you can afford. What happens though if you wait to long to buy off the registry? Normally you’re stuck with either the cheapest items (which you feel guilty buying) or the most expensive gifts that you can in no way afford. So get creative! Buy a bunch of the smaller items and create a “theme”. So for instance, get measuring cups and teaspoons and throw in a mason jar of pre-mixed cookies or something of the like that isn’t even on their registry. Another good idea is if you have a friend attending the same wedding, pitch in together to get a more expensive gift you couldn’t afford on your own. And of course, you can always get creative and come up with your own ideas! It’s the thought that counts.

 So shop away! 


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