Setting an Example

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought we would share some tidbits on how to properly set a table. This can come in handy for both your own Thanksgiving feast but for your wedding as well! Depending on the overall feel of your wedding, follow these sweet watercolors for the best set tables your guests have ever seen!

Formal Table


Lets start with a Formal Setting. To start, place the charger in the middle of the seat and a couple of inches forward. Next, place your dinner plate on top of the charger and your salad plate on top of the dinner plate. Your bread plate will be placed at 10:00 (picture your setting as a clock face!) with your butter knife sitting diagonally.

Next, lets talk beverage. Your white or red wine glass sits about 1:00 from your plate (but I love if you serve both!) and then your champagne or water glass will sit slightly above and closer to 12:00. Your coffee saucer and coffee mug should be at 3:00 to the right. Next step, flatware!

When setting your flatware, remember the tidbit that you start from the outside and work your way in. On the left, place your salad fork and then dinner fork. If you are serving a separate fish course, the fork would be to the left of the salad fork. On the right you start with the knife closest to the plate, with the blade facing the plate. Then it is followed by a soup spoon and if a fruit course, a fruit spoon. Your dessert fork and coffee spoon sit at 12:00 above the plate with the spoon facing one way, and the fork the other.

In technical terms, the napkin goes underneath the plate. However, let your personal style judge where you want the napkin placed. Finish it all off with a place card and voila! Fancy feast!

Casual TableNext, the Casual Setting. If you’re wondering under what circumstances to set the table casually, think of family-style dinners or buffet dinners. The atmosphere is a little less fancy and therefore, your table setting should reflect that. Normally, only one plate is used for the main course. However, if you are looking to add on a soup or salad course, simply place it on top. Adding personal touches in this case is a great way to spice things up like the flower in this photo.

Set your glasses at 1:00 again. This time, using one glass for your wine or beer and then the water glass slightly off to the left and above. For your flatware, have the knife directly to the right of the plate, again blade facing in and then the dinner spoon to the right of the knife. Your forks should reflect how the fancy setting was. Salad or appetizer fork on the left with the dinner fork on the right closest to the plate.

Again, napkin placement is a personal preference, but in a casual setting, I like the napkin under the forks!

The next step is to enjoy. Bon Appetit!

Table Setting


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