Sweet As Pie

Next week at this time we will hopefully all be full & happy & surrounded by loved ones having just celebrated Thanksgiving. In honor of this fun food-filled holiday, today’s photo find brings us #WeddingPies! Long gone are the days where cake is a necessity. If pies are your favorite dessert, they make the perfect addition to your wedding. Whether you choose to serve one flavor the whole night, large pies of various flavors, or even little mini pies for guests to indulge in- pies make for a delicious and delightful reception treat. I love all of these pies found at weddings!

Doesn’t this get you pumped for Thanksgiving? Pass the pie, please!





There are various ways to dress your pies on your big day. I like having pies accompany a traditional cake or having the pie be the focal point of your dessert table. How sweet are these letters the couple stuck in the pie?




I love all of the creative ways in which couples choose to display their pies. There is clearly no right answer! Whether you choose to put them all on one table with cute little tags that reveal the flavor or use a prop from your venue to display the various choices, whatever you choose will surely be a reflection of you as a couple. I love how the @twitterpatedweddings used the bouquets as a way to dress up the pie table too!

Mint Cheers

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