How Sweet it is to be Loved by You

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it only appropriate to bring you something sweet this Friday. Hence, today’s photo find is #CandyBars! Although once the biggest trend in weddings, the Candy Bar has subsided to become just another way to satisfy your guests sweet teeth. Gone are the days of just a slice of cake; now, guests can take a bite of various sweet treats whether candy or another dessert. Enjoy these fun Candy Bars and save room for all that Halloween candy coming to you next week!




I love how this couple chose to pick various sweet treats to surround their equally delicious wedding cake. This is a great way if you have another favorite dessert between you and your groom because you can offer the traditional cake, but also offer what you would want to indulge in. Whether cake or what appears to be donuts, it is your choice!



I also enjoy incorporating your wedding colors into your Candy Bar. This is a great way to help your wedding colors pop and a fun way for guests to remember your wedding too. I love how this couple chose cute signage to decorate their bar with. Scoop away!





There really is no wrong or right way when it comes to setting up a Candy Bar. Let the set-up reflect you as a couple. You could keep it super organized and make sure each item has a jar and a sign OR let the sweets run free and lay them out in anyway and let guests come pick and choose. Whichever you decide, it is sure to leave a sweet impression with your guests.

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