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Gone are the days of simple menus of chicken, steak, or fish. This next generation of newly wedded couples is all about fresh, natural, unique cuisine for their big day.  Today, health standards take precedence in people’s lives and brides and grooms as a whole are beginning to be more health and environmentally conscience. Couples today challenge caterers to explore new combinations of flavors and seek out the freshest ingredients to do so. Enter the trend of “Farm to Table”.

One of the restaurants leading the way in this trend for Wedding Receptions here in Nashville is the Capitol Grille of The Hermitage Hotel. Tennessee’s only AAA Five Diamond Hotel has not only valued this concept, but has lived it for as long as they can remember. And their mission today is to go even further.


The Hermitage Hotel bought Double H Farms, located in White Bluff, TN, in October of 2012 to begin the process of raising their own beef cattle to have the opportunity to offer their guests and couples the best of the best in quality for their custom-made menus.

As individuals continue to be conscious of where their food is coming from and how it is grown and raised, more guests and couples are going to be looking for venues to cater that high standard of cooking. The Hermitage Hotel continues to offer the best of the best in quality ingredients and organically raised produce and meat. Always a step ahead, they are going to continue to offer amazing options for their guests.

So get it while it’s hot!

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Photos by Life Lens Photography 

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