Pop, Fizz, Clink!

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When it comes to celebrating on your wedding day, there’s nothing more glamorous or festive as champagne! And while signature cocktails and local craft brews can be fun, there’s something about champagne that calls for a celebration. Of course, a wedding being one of the greatest celebrations of all!


Now, champagne can be expensive and run that alcohol budget way past comfortable. Therefore, think beyond champagne. There are other options that create the same effect, but with less pressure on your wallet. Champagne is sparkling wine that is made specifically in the “Champagne” region in France. It has a “method champenoise” style of fermentation that creates effervescence inside the bottle. However, you can indulge in an Italian Prosecco, a Spanish cava, or any American carbonated wine and it can taste very similar, for a fraction of the cost.



Some of you might be concerned in impressing your guests with top notch brands such as Dom Perignon or Veuve Clicquot- false. Your guests are there to celebrate you and will happily sip on a $10 bottle if that is what you enjoy. A great tip would be to serve a less expensive sparkling wine at cocktail hour and break into something a little more expensive for your toast.


Of course, it is one of the biggest celebrations in your life. Hopefully, the only time you’ll ever get hitched. With that being said, do go ahead and splurge on one bottle of the really good stuff to open for just you and your groom. And enjoy every last sip.


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