Go for the Gold

Sound the cow bells and horn machines and wave your countries’ flag, FIFA’s World Cup has finally arrived! Thirty-two different teams will compete for the next five weeks to take home the coveted trophy. Now, why am I bringing up “football” to begin with? Well, because that coveted trophy is made of 18-carat gold.

Key word here… GOLD.

Gold has quickly become the hottest wedding color of the year (sorry about it orchid) and we are absolutely loving it. From gold dipped invitations to gold appliqué on cakes, the color is heating up everywhere. A long while ago, gold was viewed as tacky, but wedding professionals throughout the country have quickly proved how elegant, sophisticated, and totally chic the color can really be. There are thousands of different ways to utilize the color and it all comes down to how you want to plan your day and the other colors you are playing with.

Below are a few inspiring photos to both inspire your big day, and perhaps to also inspire you to cheer for Team USA in hopes they can take part of the gold too.


Gold Glasses: source; Cake: source


Gold looks simply stunning paired with turquoise or aqua blue, and it can hold its own with white, too.


Another great gold pairing is pink. From blush to fuschia, the pink tones really play nicely with the sparkle of gold. I love this tablescape below that plays with multiple shades of pink with subtle hints of gold in the table numbers, silverware, and chargers. Black and gold keep things elegant and classic. Very urban chic.



Tablescape: source; Silverware: source; Dress: source


You could even choose to make your gown gold like the one above here. Crafted by Vivian Luk Atelie this dress keeps things traditional in shape but totally unique in color. It is a great option for the bride who wants to stay true to tradition, but also make the gown her own. I love this!

linelongGold has quickly become a timeless favorite in weddings, and we couldn’t agree more with the obsession. It instantly makes any occasion glamorous. It won’t just make your event as good as gold, it will make it better. Pick up the new Enchanted Brides Magazine to hit stands in July for more inspiration!


(P.S. If you wanted to check out that “football” game, cheer for Team USA Monday at 5 pm Central Time!)

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