The Most Favored Favors

When it comes time to figure out what you want to give guests as a “thank you” for attending your wedding, consider this: give them something they can actually useFavors that can be left alone at an empty guest table or favors that can easily be tossed in the trash are not what you want to leave your guests with. What does that say about you as a couple? You want to leave a lasting impression on your guests and give them something they can remember your amazing day by. Below are some of my favorite wedding favor ideas both based on what kind of wedding you are hosting to overall favorites of mine. Depending on what kind of event you are hosting, you can market it to fit you as a couple whether it be a trinket from where you both grew up, or where you met, or where you call home now. Whichever it may be- make it something guests can use, can enjoy, or won’t want to forget!


For Springtime weddings, I love the idea of incorporating the freshness that has finally returned after the winter. Gifting little succulent plants (which can also work as table settings!) is a great way for your guests to remember your wedding by. Keeping them small and in something sweet (little teacups anyone?) will make it easy to travel for out of town guests as well. I also love the idea of using local tastes. Jar up delicious fresh jam from your local Farmer’s Market, or make your grandma’s homemade recipe and store it in little mason jars. Or find local honey and pour it into little jars and create sweet tags (no pun intended).


 Succulent: source; Honey: source


With the coming of spring, there are so many delicious and fresh things guests will surely appreciate!

For Summertime weddings, a lot of times your guests will be spending the day outside and so why not offer them some outdoor necessities? I love the idea of sunglasses that you can display in a cute way (“Because our love is so bright!”) or flip flops for your guests spending the day in heels. Another great option is nice metal water bottles complete with your monogram. Who couldn’t use another water bottle?



Sunglasses: source; Jam: source; Water Bottles: source

Jam works great for the summertime too!


As the weather becomes cooler, some great Fall favors could be cozy blankets for an outdoor ceremony or roasted coffee beans stored in custom made bags. You could also have little pies in tins!


Coffee: source; Blankets: source

And then one of my favorite ideas for a Winter wedding favor is to create custom lip balm for your guests. You could decide what flavor you want to make and then figure out what you want the wrapper to look like. I don’t know about you but it seems to be that I lose a lip balm once a week and could always use more! Guests will love this creative idea that not only is different, but they will appreciate!


Left Picture: source; Right Picture: source

Some other great wedding favor ideas that guests can fall in love with!

1. Charity Donations

2. Luggage Tags for a Destination Wedding

3. Instagram Coasters (use pretty landscapes or places instead of your selfies)

4. Bottle Openers

5. Hangover Helper Kits (water, gatorade, ibuprofen, eye-mask)

6. Custom-made Koozies

Whatever you decide to give your guests, remember you are thanking them for attending your big celebration. This is a way to show your appreciation for being there to celebrate with you, and you want to thank them sincerely. Make it something they can cherish for many moments to come!

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