As She’s Walking Away

One of the most memorable moments of a wedding is the bride’s entrance. That moment when a South Florida or Nashville bride turns the corner, floats down a staircase, or the doors open to reveal her glowing face is a moment many attending will remember. But personally, I have always been a fan of the exit. The exit out of the church, beach or field at the end of the ceremony, and then again departing the party as husband and wife. The exit to me is the dotting of the i’s and the crossing of the t’s- the final moment of the big celebration. And it should be done right!

The best part about the exit is it varies with every wedding! As a couple, you get to decide however you want to leave your guests. There are plenty of ways to go about doing this whether it be simple and classic, or totally out there and modern. Again, it is totally up to you. Below are some of my favorite ways to leave your guests smiling.

1. Confetti

One of my absolute favorite ways to leave the ceremony or reception is through the use of confetti. It is something easy to find and can be done many different ways. You can even find biodegradable kinds out there if your exit is done outside. You can choose to have big strips of paper, or little tiny circles, maybe even something that glitters. You can also choose to match your wedding day colors or perhaps just go all out with multi color confetti- the decision is yours. I love the airiness of confetti and it makes for really fun pictures!

2. Sparklers


Photo: Waldorf Photography

Although done a lot, there is a reason for it! Sparklers make for such a fun exit and photos to go along with it. Sparklers are easy to find and last only as long as you need it to capture that exiting moment. You can choose to display them with a fun card that says “help us light our way” or whatever you want- or you can have your planner pass them out right at the end. I have seen couples do really fun things with sparklers and I think they are here to stay! You can also up the ante and perhaps involve some fireworks as well- again- what a memory to have!

3. Streamers

Photo: Divine Images

Another fun alternative is streamers. You tie some ribbon or paper onto sticks and have your guests wave them around as you leave. Again, like confetti, you can choose to have long ones, short ones, patterned ones, sparkling ones- whichever fits your wedding style best! This also becomes a fun favor for your guests to take home and remember your wedding by!

4. Bubbles

The bubble exit is another classic exit that is sure to bring your guests laughs. Have your ushers, planner or family members pass out small bottles of bubbles to guests prior to leaving your ceremony or reception so they are prepared to blow them away. I like the bubbles because it makes for a fun and quirky exit- great for the whimsical wedding.

5. Musical

Finally, I love the idea of a musical exit. I have seen weddings where they have done various things for this. For instance, if you are traditionally Scottish, I have seen couples use a bagpipe player to leave their ceremony with. I have also seen beach destination weddings (or you South Florida brides!) hand out maracas as party favors for their guests to shake when they leave- I love that! The music would be great for your Nashville based wedding as well Middle Tennessee brides- especially if you have out of town guests who have never traveled to Nashville before.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and are all related to your wedding style, theme, and feel. Our most recent featured wedding post had the bride and groom leaving with glow sticks! Just give ’em something to remember as you walk away from the greatest day of your life in style!

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