If the Shoe Fits…

When imagining getting ready for your special day on the beaches of South Florida or the fields of Middle Tennessee, I am sure you begin to envision the most perfect gown: delicate lace sleeves, a gorgeously detailed back, or a breathtaking train. Or maybe you see the gorgeous jewels you’ll be wearing-whether a new diamond necklace from your betrothed, or that exquisite vintage bracelet once belonging to your great-grandmother. You have probably even planned your hair and makeup down to a T. But did you ever for a moment stop and think about what you will wear on your feet? Wedding blogs and websites around the country constantly let us know what dresses are on trend, what jewelry pairs with what, and what some of the best hairstyles for your hair type are… but what about what shoes you should be wearing? As a self-proclaimed shoe addict myself, I am here to shed some light on what I feel is the best accessory on your wedding day (minus that smile of course!)

Bridal shoes come in all shapes and sizes. From designer stilettos to TOMS wedding collection, the options are endless. Here are three different styles that I find to be a great summary of what shoes you should slip into on your wedding day.


The first style of wedding-day shoe I  just adore is the “Classic” shoe. And by “classic” I mean a white or ivory satin heel, with just a touch of sparkle. The classic shoe is also a nice way to coordinate with your wedding dress. If your dress has lace details, find a shoe that also has lace. Or if it has a lot of sparkle, find a shoe frosted in diamonds or rhinestones. The classic look really just means sticking to traditional white or ivory and making it become a part of your wedding dress rather than a separate accessory. A bride can never go wrong with anything classic, and that includes what you wear on your feet! Shoe designer Angela Nuran (available at b. Hughes Bridal) has great classic shoe options.


b. Hughes Bridal also carries Oscar de la Renta bridal shoes- another great designer for that classic look.


Head Turner

Another style of wedding shoe I gravitate towards are the “Head-Turners”- those shoes that you cannot believe even exist they are so different, fun, and above all else, beautiful! We can all remember when Carrie Bradshaw married Mr. Big in those breathtaking blue Manolo Blahniks. When choosing a head-turner shoe, you can choose to match your wedding colors. For example, if you have pink flowers, find a fun pink shoe to compliment those blooms. Or perhaps you want to go completely fun and pick a pair that just suite you. Again, this is your big day! You get to make the decisions on what you want to look like, and if that means rocking studded red stilettos despite red being absent from your wedding design, I say go for it. You did want to turn heads, remember? Below are some of Angela Nuran’s signature customized shoes.

Angela1 copy

Something Blue

The last style of shoe I suggest to brides is the “Something Blue”. We have all heard the famous wedding phrase “Something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue,” and I just love the idea of tying in that something blue with your shoes. Whether it be a gorgeous navy pump or a turquoise sandal on a beach- anything goes for this shoe. It all depends on your personal taste and where you are getting hitched. But imagine the surprise when you pick up your skirt to show them off! It is such a great way to tie in this traditional saying, but staying unique too. Again, Angela Nuran has great blue options too!


Whether you choose one of these shoes or find a shoe of your own, I know you will find a shoe that is the perfect fit. And if not, you can always kick ’em off. The dance floor is calling your name anyways!

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