Accessorize Your Wedding Day


Selecting sparkling accessories for one’s wedding day is just as important as saying “yes!” to the dress. The headpiece, earrings, and other accessories are the piece that brings the bride’s ensemble all together. Many bridal consultants will even admit that it isn’t until they place the veil on the bride’s head that she begins to tear up. These are the finishing touches that transform a bride, making her ready to walk down the aisle as a radiant bride.


When a bride is choosing the accessories for her big day, she must remember to stay true to herself. She must choose pieces that reflect her style and personality while complimenting the gown that she has chosen. When deciding upon a headpiece, one must consider the hairstyle that will be worn on the wedding day. Find a piece that is appropriate to the entire look.

The sparkle or vintage flair of accessories can be tempting for any bride, so just remember to not be drawn to something that will overshadow but to something that will compliment. A bride’s face needs to be the focal point as she walks down the aisle, not a distracting bejeweled headpiece.

Don’t be afraid though to choose glamorous accessories if they fit the occasion! The bridal party should not be excluded from accessorizing well. A pair of crystal earrings or a delicate bracelet can be the perfect gift for the bridesmaids. Everyone should look their best on a wedding day!

All Beautiful Accessories Pictured are from Twinkle Twinkle

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