The Art of Hair & Makeup

Every bride wants to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day. Through the Art of Hair & Makeup, she will be a stunning picture perfect bride.

Yes, hair and makeup is about the styling of the bride’s overall look for her wedding day. The styling of her hair and the color palettes for her makeup blends into the art of the wedding design. This is why it is so important to have a professional hair and makeup artist. Elizabeth Williams with ECW Hair & Makeup tells us about the importance of hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for your wedding day.

Why A Professional Hair & Makeup Artist?

A hair and makeup artist will work with you throughout the whole beauty planning process. Part of the process is selecting your inspirational photos which will prepare you for a successful bridal trial. Your artist will create your beauty timeline to make sure hair and makeup stays on schedule. The goal is to recreate your dream look and put your mind at ease on your wedding day.

Typical Hair & Makeup Package

Imagine a mini beauty salon at your doorstep. ECW makeup artists bring their makeup chair and makeup lights. They use only the top of the line products, and the day is organized following an ECW’s beauty timeline so everyone in the bridal party knows exactly what time their appointment is. And of course, additional touchup time can be worked into the package. This starts after the bride is finished on the original beauty timeline. Your artist will stay with you as long as you desire for touch-ups and or for a second hairstyle and makeup look.

Bridal Trail Run

Bridal trials are not required, but stylist highly recommend booking a bridal trial so you can formally meet and get to know your hair and makeup professionals. In the consultation of your appointment, effectively communicate and show your inspiration photos of your beauty vision. Hair and makeup artists are exactly that artists so showing them visual content when you speak to them will allow them creatively to bring your vision to life. There is an additional cost for bridal trials, pricing varies depending on what services the individual client is booking.

Working With Sensitive Skin

Its very important that the bride immediately informs ECW Hair And Makeup and its assistants or artists regarding any sensitivities or allergies they or their bridal party may have to any types of makeup, products, or treatments. This will allow the team to prepare and accommodate to the client’s conditions accordingly.

As your wedding day approaches, always keep in mind the importance of hiring a professional hair and makeup artist. It’s your day and you deserve to look your very best. With professionals such as, ECW Hair & Makeup you will have piece of mind knowing that you are the Picture Perfect Bride.

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