Gorgeous Lace Bridal Gowns for 2018


Every season brings new trends in bridal fashion, but one timeless bridal gown that never goes out of style is the lace gown. Fabulous bridal gown designer, Olvi’s, has created a stunning bridal collection solely focused on lace. Lace brings a sense of elegance and timeless beauty to every bridal gown, and many different styles of brides adore wearing lace from more classic brides to glamorous girly brides to bohemian beauties. Olvi’s Lace collection is absolutely stunning, featuring lace bridal gowns that are versatile and breathtaking. 




Olvi’s is known for their signature French stretch lace in their unique flower lace pattern used for their stunning bridal gowns. Each Olvi’s dress is hand-sewn by one seamstress from start to finish to ensure a meticulous attention to design and detail. This results in a gown with an unprecedented level of quality, and the stretch lace guarantees the figure-flattering comfort for any body type. Every dress in the collection is completely customizable in just 10 weeks giving brides a completely couture experience.”





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Olvi’s loves to give brides the dream bridal gown shopping experience with couture designs featuring beautiful detailing and the perfect fit. The new Lace collection by Olvi’s is the perfect choice for any style of bride. Lace bridal gowns are such a timeless style that looks gorgeous on every bride in every setting whether she is having a romantic garden party wedding or a lavish, grand soiree. We know you will look incredibly gorgeous in your Olvi’s lace gown for your 2018 wedding day!



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