Something Borrowed, Something Blue


Wedding traditions are such a special component of the wedding day that tie us together with our past and future. The tradition of “something old, something new,” is one that means something to every bride on her special day. You may be wondering how to fill all of the categories of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, which is where Jessica Bedard bridal shoes come in! These stunning shoes are handmade in Italy and feature stunning designs that you will love wearing down the aisle. Each gorgeous pair of Jessica Bedard bridal shows features something old, something, new, something borrowed, and something blue!

Something Old: The tradition beautifully etched on the sole of each shoe.

Something New: Your new pair of stunning Jessica Bedard shoes!

Something Borrowed: The sole of the left shoe contains a magnetic ring. Before her wedding – for good luck in her marriage – the bride removes the ring and ships it back to Jessica Bedard in a small envelope that is tucked into the shoe box. This ring is then used on another pair of shoes destined for another Jessica Bedard bride!

Something Blue: You can easily recognize a Jessica Bedard shoe by the light pastel blue tip of the heel.




Inspired by the lack of choice she encountered for her own wedding, the French-Canadian born Jessica set out to design a collection that embodies all of the tradition, celebration, and beauty of love. Having studied design in New York and Milan, studying under and working with the masters at the renowned Arsutoria School Of Design, she set out to create and design her bridal collection for the modern bride; elegant, feminine and entirely unique. Each pair features luxurious materials and meticulous craftsmanship. The contemporary yet timeless designs makes them wearable long after the wedding.  “Every bride should have the perfect shoe for her special day.  Like your dress, the accessories and the flowers, your shoes should be as exceptional as you are,” says Jessica.




Images | CLD PR

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