Rime Arodaky E-Showroom


Fabulous Paris-based bridal designer, Rime Arodaky, knows the importance of communication in the digital age. Not every bride-to-be is able to hop on a plane to Paris to try on Rime Arodaky’s incredible bridal gowns, so Rime innovatively created the E-Showroom for foreign brides. The E-Showroom connects brides to Rime Arodaky’s collections through video chats with personal stylists. The brand is very involved in the process to make sure that each Rime Arodaky bride walks down the aisle in her dream gown. We spoke with the designer herself about the E-Showroom and absolutely love this service!





Rime Arodaky always makes sure to make the online experience very pleasant for each bride. “We want the Paris showroom and the E-showroom to have the same full-service approach.” The E-Showroom experience begins with sample swatching. Rime Arodaky sends a sample swatch of the dress in interest to the bride. “We give her all the information she needs and go over the process so that we both remain on the same page, during the whole process. Once the dress is ordered, our Atelier creates a dress from scratch, from cutting, to embroideries, to final packaging with the lovely Rime Arodaky pink bowtie. Once the dress is made, it is shipped to the bride and we wait for her feedback to see if there’s anything else we can do to make her completely content.”






Rime Arodaky is an environmentally conscious brand with a focus on reducing waste from their production. This is how the swatch samples are made; Rime Arodaky uses the extra fabrics and lace for swatch sampling. Let’s say a bride is interested in purchasing the Blair gown, we will send her a sample of the Blair’s floral tulle that is remaining in the Atelier. This will give the bride-to-be more security and comfort, to be able to see the fabric after it’s been delivered to her doorstep, free of charge of course.” 






The E-Showroom features gorgeous Rime Arodaky gowns designed with the modern bride in mind. At Rime Arodaky, we are aware of the power of digital and being connected to not only the local customer, but to women worldwide wishing to get married in one of our designer’s creations. Till now, the E-Showroom has seen quite a success as orders are being placed more often, especially now that we’ve added last year’s collection that was a big success.” We know that you beautiful brides-to-be will love experiencing Rime Arodaky’s E-Showroom! Click here to see the latest designs available in the E-Showroom. 


Images and Interview provided by Coded PR

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