Tips for Your Winter Wedding Menu


Bringing your personality into the wedding menu is one of best ways to show your guests who you are as a couple on the big day. We recently spoke to Two Fat Men Catering, and they shared some tips for choosing a fabulous Winter wedding menu. Two Fat Men Catering explains that it is always important to remember it is your wedding day, and to not worry so much about pleasing all of your guests with the menu, but to include your own personal favorites! “One of the most exciting things about Winter is all the delicious, hearty foods you can eat. Some of our personal favorites include our Stone Ground Grit Bar or Twisted Starch Bar with Mac & Cheese and Lumpy Mashed Potatoes with toppings of: Pork Belly Meatballs, Honey Glazed Beef Tips, Lemon & Thyme Grilled Julienne Chicken, House Cured Bacon Bits, Grilled Winter Vegetables, Butter, Sour Cream etc.”



Two Fat Men Catering also mentions the perfect sweet treats to include in the menu. For a Winter wedding, a cider, coffee, or hot chocolate bar will be absolutely perfect. Homemade donut holes pair perfectly with Two Fat Men Catering’s coffee bar! These gorgeous drink stations also help to decorate the venue, so they are beautiful as well as practical! Two Fat Men Catering loves making sure that the wedding guests are taken care of throughout the wedding reception to keep spirits high. We like offering a Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuit Station as a late night snack with homemade biscuits, jams and jellies that will be sure to leave your guests with happy tummies.”



Two Fat Men Catering also mentions some foods to avoid for a Winter wedding menu. As a company, they are passionate about serving seasonal, local, organic, wild ingredients. Some foods are not at their best during Winter, such as strawberries, which are amazing for Spring and Summer, but not so much during the colder months. “We strive to incorporate items that are seasonal and from our local farmers in all our dishes.  If you follow these guidelines you will get the freshest ingredients.”



Two Fat Men Catering’s last tip is to make the time to try all of the delicious foods! You’ve spent a long time planning your day, relax and enjoy the foodie experience along with your guests. We like for all our couples to take advantage of scheduling a private tasting to design a menu that incorporates your favorites and represents the two of you as a couple.”  Two Fat Men Catering would love to help you create the perfect Winter wedding menu! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding day!

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