Gorgeous Freya Rose 2018 Collection



 When it comes to stunning bridal shoes and accessories, we absolutely love Freya Rose for elegant, statement-making designs that you will love wearing down the aisle and at your reception. Freya Rose’s stunning new 2018 bridal collection features glamorous and classic designs alike, making the collection perfect for any style of bride whether you have an elegant-chic or a more classic, timeless style. These gorgeous shoes and accessories will take you down the aisle and will be forever cherished after your wedding day. Freya Rose’s gorgeous new shoes and accessories, including gorgeous belts, purses, and lovely hair clip will complete your gorgeous bridal look.









Freya Rose is a beloved shoe and accessories brand featuring unique, stunning shoes designed with “opulent jewel satin courts adorned with Swarovski crystals, gold shoes and silver mirrored leather lace up heels, embellished with pearls and crystals.” The gorgeous designs are created in Spain and finished in London using fine materials, like silk satins and leathers. Freya Rose’s love of jewels and embroidered detailing began during her childhood as she was born into an artistic, creative family of fine jewelers. She was surrounded by inspiration at a young age, leading her to create her own brand with a philosophy luxury and craftsmanship.







Freya Rose’s designs are inspired by the fabulous jewelry of the Art Deco period and well as the Orientalism and French Bohemian time periods. “Having spent years traveling the world in search of the finest levels of craftsmanship in ethical environments, she sources only the most unique, delicate and luxurious Lustrous fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystal and shimmering Mother of Pearl heels are all components key to the brand’s core essence.” We know you beautiful brides-to-be will feel gorgeous walking down the aisle in Freya Rose’s breathtaking creations. We wish you lovely brides a fabulous, unforgettable wedding day!






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