The Perfect Wedding Hair Accessories


A gorgeous hair accessory is the perfect addition to your wedding day look for an extra touch of something unique and pretty. We adore these lovely hair accessories from Untamed Petals designed with every style of bride in mind from fashion-forward to bohemian to rock ‘n roll to classic. Untamed Petals’ hair accessories are perfectly modern and on-trend, and would look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day!

For the Fashion-Forward Bride | These fabulous hair accessories are perfect for the trendy, modern bride who loves fashion-forward pieces. The Deco inspired rhinestone head chain would be the perfect addition to a 1920’s themed wedding while the floral tiaras make a stunning statement. The Reyes Tiara is perfect for the more minimal bride while the Kirby Tiara would look beautiful on the bride who enjoys the more lavish things in life.


reyes tiara1

Kirby Tiara

For the Rock-n-Roll Bride | These pieces are so beautifully edgy, making them perfect for the rock-n-roll bride who wants to show off her personal style.  The Sage features Navette rhinestone leaves and baguette rhinestone flowers that are entwined and twisted with wire creating this amazing asymmetrical organic motif. The Tahoe headpiece shows off a bold look with large gold flowers that add a touch of edgy sophistication. The Boise tiara has a unique design perfect for the rock-n-roll bride who loves fashion and the modern, minimal look that is trending this year. 




For the Bohemian Bride | Show off your bohemian beauty with these whimsical accessories, like the Finn, a versatile rhinestone wrap headpiece with crystal leave and gilded rosette details. The Caribou features beautiful gold floral detailing that will look stunning next to an off-the-shoulder gown. The Ebey is perfect for the bohemian princess who loves all things floral with larger flower appliques. The Rosie Vine is also absolutely stunning and would look beautiful as you walk down the aisle at a garden wedding or wedding in paradise.





For the Classic Bride | The more classic brides will love the Jonesy, which features gold and silver wires wrapped with freshwater pearls. The white pearls will look classic and elegant on your wedding day. The Fleur Tiara is perfect for the glamorous brides who love a touch of sparkle. The Juno Comb is also perfect for the classic, sophisticated bride looking for an elegant piece to add to any beautiful, classic updo. 


Fleur Tiara1

Juno Comb1

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