Beautiful Cakes From Summer to Fall


There is nothing like a gorgeous wedding cake or dessert that is equally beautiful as it is delicious. We recently spoke to The Cupcake Collection about trending cake flavors and lovely designs for Nashville weddings this season that taste as amazing as they look. The Cupcake Collection mentions that over the past few wedding seasons, wedding cake designs and decorations have been very minimal, resulting in a fresh, elegant look. Many couples are choosing either a smooth or subtly textured finish for their design. Some may add a hint of color by adding fresh flowers to the cake, but The Cupcake Collection has noticed that couples have erred on the side of less is more over the past few wedding seasons, and this is continuing for the transition from Summer to Fall.



When it comes to wedding cake flavors, The Cupcake Collection loves to stick to classic tastes season after season. “Taste is key with a cake!” Their Wedding Cake flavor is always classic and their Sweet Potato and Red Velvet flavors are very popular as well. The Cupcake Collection has also worked with brides and grooms who want to include a taste of their personality into the cake, so they have created delicious strawberry lemonade, key lime, and pineapple upside down cakes as well as other more daring cupcake flavors for dessert tables. Of course, your wedding cake flavor should be completely up to you whether that means more classic or bold.



Hence their name, The Cupcake Collection also loves to do some fabulous things with cupcakes in addition to the traditional wedding cake. Serving cupcakes at your wedding is a great way to add in some fun and variety into a dessert table if you choose to have one. The Cupcake Collection actually had the opportunity to work with a bride and groom to create a special edition cupcake for their wedding, a Jack & Coke inspired cupcake! “And yes, of course it was infused with real Tennessee Jack Daniels Whiskey!” They loved customizing this fun element of the wedding day with the bride and groom.



For The Cupcake Collection, the best part about designing wedding cakes is seeing the bride and groom smile at the end of the experience. “We know weddings can be very stressful and hectic in a sense and we want the cake to be the fun part! We make the consultation process very easy. All they have to do is give us a call, choose the six cupcake flavors they want to try and come in to pick them up. This way they can try the cake at their own convenience.”



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