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Relaxing with your new husband on your beautiful honeymoon is the perfect way to kick back and relax after all of the wedding planning and coordinating. We know you want to look and feel beautiful and relaxed on your honeymoon, so we gathered these incredible accessories from inspiring designers, BRIWOK and Charles Albert, for the perfect additions to any honeymoon outfit. From casual daytime jewelry to statement making pieces, we love these gorgeous, trendy accessories for your honeymoon looks. Whether you are a trendy girl with a wild spirit or enjoy glam pieces with a modern edge, you will find beautiful pieces from BRIWOK and Charles Albert that call to your style.




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BRIWOK was inspired by two best friends, Bri and Taryn, who met on a Reno dance floor and attended college together for the next four years. After becoming inseparable, Bri was unfortunately involved in a tragic bicycle accident. After this horrible tragedy, Taryn decided to turn the pain from her loss into motivation. “Motivation to live life spiritedly and to passionately pursue something that she loved, BRIWOK was born.” Taryn launched the incredible brand featuring beautiful chokers, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and earrings inspired by her best friend. “Briwok’s aesthetic incorporates raw, natural elements in unique and imaginative designs. Each handcrafted collection tells a story that is inspired by the distinctive style and irreplaceable spirit of her lost soul sister who truly was a WildHeart.”

Charles Albert:





Charles Albert is a fabulous brand featuring luxurious accessories for the glamorous ladies out there. Charles Albert began in 1990 with just 60 pairs of earrings and became extremely successful. Charles Albert has always been inspired by stones as an avid stone collector fascinated by fossils and minerals. This fascination led to a beautiful career as a jewelry designer. Charles Albert designs beautiful accessories that are hand-made and feature exquisite minerals and gemstones. These beautiful pieces are perfect for the fashion-forward, bold ladies looking to make a beautiful statement.

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We love these stunning pieces from BRIWOK and Charles Albert for your daytime and nighttime honeymoon accessories. You will look absolutely gorgeous in a fun choker and bracelet or statement necklace to add some modern flair to your honeymoon outfits. Make sure to view the full collections for BRIWOK and Charles Albert to find the perfect accessories for your honeymoon!

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