Beautiful Anniversary Session


Reflecting on your first year of marriage is a sweet time to remember all of the exciting things that happened throughout the year. Maybe you or your partner began a new career, you bought your first home together, or you spent time traveling together. For Sheena and Anthony, they had already experienced major milestones during their time of engagement, and had the pleasure of focusing on their relationship as husband and wife during their first year of marriage. Sheena and Anthony celebrated their anniversary with this beautiful anniversary session captured by Ivory Door Studio. We love the idea of having an anniversary session. What a wonderful way to remember such an important, beautiful year!







Aside from this beautiful anniversary session, Sheena and Anthony celebrated their anniversary with a trip to Cancun, Mexico. “Leave it to us to venture to the wrong resort and get kicked out of the pool one day. We STILL laugh about that, but it’s a definite memory we’ll share for years to come.” Anthony gave Sheena an engraved scrapbook as an anniversary gift. The idea was to add pictures and other things the couple had collected throughout their first year of marriage to illustrate their incredible first year as husband and wife.







There are so many fun ways to keep your marriage full of adventure. After a few short weeks of marriage, Anthony suggested they try out a different restaurant each week. Then, Sheena had the idea of having weekly date nights and taking turns who selects the date. People loved seeing their weekly date nights so much that they decided to launch their blog, Love At Any Stage. “Every Wednesday I blog about our date from the previous week. These weekly dates have added so much to our marriage. We know each week we’re going to have an adventure and most of them are out of the box.”






As for advice, Sheena and Anthony recommend enjoying your engagement period! “Don’t take any of the wedding planning too seriously. The things you’re stressing about now will be laughable after the wedding. I always tell engaged and dating couples, if you think you love your mate now just wait until you get married it’s even more intense and amazing!”

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