Serene Spring Engagement


Beautiful Tennessee couple, Mia and Justin, had a romantic proposal in the Great Smoky Mountains. Mia was completely surprised as Justin pulled the ring box out of his boot on the top of a mountain. After the unforgettable proposal, it was time to plan a beautiful engagement shoot. Ivory Door Studio recently captured this serene, gorgeous engagement session for Mia and Justin, and the results are stunning!






Mia and Justin met during college at Middle Tennessee State University. Mia just graduated this Spring of 2017 as a Sigma Alpha, which is the agricultural sorority on campus. Justin also shares this passion with Mia. His family runs a large family farm in East Tennessee. Their love for agriculture helped to bring these two love birds together, and the rest was history!




The proposal was absolutely perfect. After rushing to East Tennessee from school after finding out that Justin’s sister was going to deliver her baby, Mia decided to stay for a few days. Since she only had her t-shirts and shorts, Justin insisted that she buy a nice outfit to wear for a date night. Then, Justin told her that they were going to meet his best friend and wife to ride around the Great Smoky Mountains and go to the beautiful lookouts. Just as the sun was setting, they went back to the lookout with the best view.

“His best friend asked where we were eating dinner, and I turned to go back to the car. Justin said, ‘Wait I have a question first.’ I turned around, and he was on one knee digging my ring box out of his boot and proposed there on top of the mountain. His best friend and his wife took pictures and a video of the whole thing.”





Mia and Justin are so excited to get married this December. Their wedding day will take place at First Baptist Church Woodbury with a reception to follow at Stones River Country Club. Mia can’t wait to walk through the vestibule doors down the aisle to see her husband beside the beautiful chandelier and lanterns. The church will have a beautiful, romantic glow on a December afternoon. “I get so excited thinking about the ambiance of our approaching day!”





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