Timeless, Whimsical Floral Designs


The floral design is an integral element to the overall feel of the wedding day look. We recently spoke to Branching Out Floral & Event Design about the romantic, delicate designs that Nashville brides are choosing this wedding season. Subdued and neutral are the two words to describe the trending floral designs that brides are loving this season, and that we love as well. Bring a whimsical feel to your wedding day with airy bouquets and centerpieces that will send romance and love into the air.



This wedding season, Nashville brides are not choosing bold and lavish wedding designs for their florals but are opting for more subtle and neutral shades. Last summer, wild, garden looks were trending for a more bold and attention-catching design. The neutral, classic designs that are trending this year are just as attention-catching but have a very timeless, delicate feel for the wedding day.


Whites and greens are a beautiful classic that have been trending for the entire year. We love this look for a summer wedding in Nashville. These airy, fresh shades give a cooling effect to the look of a hot summer wedding in Nashville. It is amazing how the colors of your floral design truly affect the entire wedding day ambiance! Whites, ivories, and some blush tones are common for summer weddings in Nashville for 2017. This gives a soft and romantic feel to the wedding design, perfect to celebrate the love that you share with your new husband.


Neutral floral designs look great beside any wedding colors that you choose for your wedding decor as well as the color that you choose for your bridesmaids dresses. The bride also looks absolutely stunning walking down the aisle in a white gown and neutral bridal bouquet. There is nothing more dreamy than airy, neutral tones alongside the bride in her white gown, whimsical and dream-like.


We adore these fresh, classic floral designs for a whimsical and romantic wedding day feel. You and your wedding guests will love how the neutral shades pair with your wedding day décor for a timeless, yet modern wedding day! We wish you a lovely Nashville wedding day full of joy and beauty!

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